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About Lord & General

Lord & General LLC is the brainchild of Jason Gillikin & Allison Hawkins. What started as a space to house their small businesses turned into a vision of a space open for co-working and small gatherings. Want more information? Here’s a bit about the owners!

Allison Hawkins is a freelance writer and editor (Allihawkwrites) as well as the owner of Fourth Form Martial Arts Studio. When she’s not writing or teaching self-defense, she spends her time reading books, watching movies, and spending time outdoors. She’s the “General” of Lord & General, so named due to her ability to rally writers during NaNoWriMo and lead all of her troops to victory.

Jason E. Gillikin, CPHQ, LSSGB, enjoys more than 25 years’ experience in two industries. As principal consultant of Gillikin & Associates, Inc., he leads analytic, quality, and revenue strategy frameworks for emerging SMBs. On the literary front, he’s a former newspaper editor and currently the founder of Lakeshore Literary, Inc. (a three-imprint small press), Jason’s Books and Coffee (a small bookstore), and the Lakeshore Literary Foundation (a non-profit serving emerging writers). He is an experienced professional in the healthcare quality sector. He earned a degree in applied ethics from Western Michigan University.

Theon d’Cat is the ruler of the office. He will give you permission to work when he deems that you have pet him enough. He was a stray hanging around the parking lot until he figured out Jason is a sucker for cats. Now, he enjoys several cat trees, loads of toys, and all the treats he can eat.

FUN FACT: “Lord and General” was never intended to be a public thing. Jason and Allison needed a working name for the LLC that manages the building. We had the nicknames “The Lord” (Jason) and “The General” (Allison) from a local writing community. But when we decided to open the doors to others for events, we needed a name for that — and “The L&G Center” seemed natural.